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340g of Artisan Roasted Coffee beans Dark Roasted




ALTITUDE (MASL): 1,800-2,100





ORIGIN:  Ethiopia

As Africa’s top coffee producer, Ethiopia has been growing coffee for centuries. It is well known to be where Arabica coffee originated.  As Africa’s top producer, approximately 15 million people rely on some aspect of the industry for employment. The coffee industry is woven into the nation’s economy and culture. Much of the coffee grown, consists of natural indigenous heirloom varieties, and remains the source of genetic diversity needed to keep the industry alive.

REGION:  Yirgacheffe

Located in the larger Sidamo region, Yirgacheffe is sub divided into micro regions. This particular blend originates from Konga, Yirga Chefe, Gedeb District, Gedeo Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and the Peoples’ region. Coffee characteristics from this area can vary based on elevation.  Production from an elevation below 2,000 MASL, often exhibits a herbal aroma.


This single farmer lot was produced on an 8-hectare farm in the heart of the Gedeo Zone.  This desirable, narrow plateau, known as Yirgacheffe, is populated with savvy coffee farmers.

PRODUCER: Takele Mammo Denbi

When the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) was created in 2008, the connection between farmers and buyers was lost. Blending took over, which inhibited farmers from selling their coffee direct and buyers from accessing unique microlots.  Takele Mammo Denbi, was the man who led the way for exporting single farmer coffee out of the country.  For many years, he has acted as the Managing Director of the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union, which his farm was also a part of. Now that he has stepped down, he can include his coffee in Royal’s Single Farmer Lots Program. This program was created to encourage direct sales of Ethiopia coffee, which gives driven producers greater opportunity.  In turn, buyers are given access to single farm lots, with increased cup quality.

Ethiopia - Yirgacheffee Natural Organic - 340g Dark Roast

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