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Monthly News Letter - April

Brazil - Minas Gerais 

Minas Gerais is a state in Southeastern Brazil. With an area of 586,528 square kilometers (226,460 sq mi) larger than Metropolitan France! 


The main producer of coffee and milk in the country, Minas Gerais is known for its heritage of architecture and colonial art in historical cities such as São João del Rei, Congonhas, Ouro Preto, Diamantina, Tiradentes and Mariana.


Minas Gerais is by far Brazil’s most important coffee-producing state, as nearly half of the entire country’s coffee production is based there. Rich soils and higher elevations in this region make it perfect for growing the country’s most famous specialty coffees. 


Check out our Bazil - Minas Gerais Roasted to medium for a fresh light flavor or roasted dark to unlock the dark chocolate after notes. 


Introductory pricing is still in effect! 

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